Philippines offers compelling investment opportunities for Asian property buyers

Hongkong Land & Robinsons Land introduce The Velaris Residences, the Philippines’ first-rate residential condominium, to Singapore buyers As the global economy climbs out of the Covid-19-induced slowdown, investors are discovering new gems in the Asian property landscape, which has seen tectonic shifts in the aftermath of the pandemic. Foremost among these is the Philippines, site […]

New Luxury: 4 Condo Trends to Watch Out for in the Post-Pandemic Era

As we move towards the post-pandemic world, the luxury real estate market continues to roar back to life. High-end properties are getting the most views on the Lamudi platform, proving the readiness of home seekers for the new luxury. Premium condominiums like The Velaris Residences have started setting the trends for leveled-up opulence. These upgrades […]

New and modern comforts at The Velaris Residences meet residents’ post-pandemic needs

One of the significant changes that happened because of the pandemic is the shift in people’s needs, specifically in the realm of wellness, safety and convenience. Condominium residents, in particular, have new expectations and requirements so they can have healthier, safer and more comfortable lives. Indeed, property managers and developers have to step up their […]

Distinct Details: What Sets Luxury Homes Apart from the Others

The attention to detail is among the hallmark characteristics of luxury homes. From the patterns, textures, and colors, down to the finishes and fixtures, each element is given much thought. Beyond creating a polished ensemble of home features, the painstaking craftsmanship promotes unparalleled comfort and convenience for dwellers. Clean, straight lines are not just a […]