Amplifying a Dynamic Urban Heartbeat

Intentions drive you to the midst of a thriving environment where you're in tune with the beat of bustling cityscape.

Commanding the best location at Bridgetowne’s center, The Velaris Residences stands right beside the area’s two magnificent landmarks: the Victor, a 200-feet lighting projection art installation designed by globally recognized artist JEFRË, and Bridgetowne’s scenic bridge designed by Mañosa & Co., a beautiful expression of design and luxurious, contemporary living.

To the avid observer, this juxtaposition is fitting. The Velaris Residences is a stunning residential masterpiece that connects you to the heart of a community that perpetually thrives.


An iconic megalopolis is emerging, The Velaris Residences is at the heart of it.

The C5 growth corridor is experiencing unparalleled levels of economic activity. Along the vibrant C5 Road are several estates by the country’s major real estate developers. With Bridgetowne as the worthy centerpiece, these estates make up a megalopolis that will surely present new and interesting recreational and lifestyle options for the community.